The Vegetarian With A Chilli Tooth


  • Grilled Haloumi, steamed zucchini and eggplant ribbons and green pea parcels drizzled with Goan Cuisine Cucumber Achar (place filling in centre of baking paper squares, twine tie and bake) (Replace haloumi with fried tempeh sticks for vegan option)
  • Chic peas and mint with Goan Cuisine Tamarind Chutney
  • Roasted chat potato and mushroom skewers brushed with Goan Cuisine Green Chilli Jam
  • Poached eggs on brioche buns topped with Goan Cuisine Eggplant Kasaundi and fresh coriander (Replace eggs with firm grilled tofu and whole grain buns for vegan option)
  • Salad of shredded iceberg, red radish matchsticks, black sesame seeds and juice of a lemon
  • Torn naan bread
  • Mini rice pancakes (rice pancake batter available in most Indian grocery stores)


Assemble ingredients and arrange on food boards and platters