The Vegan Loves Spicy


  • Sweet potato wedges with Goan Cuisine Chilli and Lime Sambal
  • Goan Cuisine Tomato Kasaundi steeped tofu cubes
  • Red lentil and Goan Cuisine Carrot Mescut dip (1 cup washed/cooked red lentils rough blitzed, fresh coriander chopped, salt to taste)
  • Small salad jars of coconut yoghurt, black beans, cubed cucumber, Goan Cuisine Pineapple Achar, crushed peanuts and chopped fresh mint leaves layered
  • Salad of mixed leaves, red peppers, juice of a lime and olive oil
  • Raw cashews tossed in hot pan with a dash of oil, chilli powder and salt
  • Pita chips


Assemble ingredients and arrange on food boards and platters