Pleased To Meat You!


  • Mini skewers:
    1. Grilled Chorizo, olive, red onion, cherry tomato
    2. Tandoori chicken tenderloins (chicken tenderloins marinated in Goan Cuisine Tandoori Paste baked), cucumber, feta
    3. Chilli lime pork (pork fillet grilled and tossed in Goan Cuisine Chilli and Lime Sambal), new potatoes (boiled, halved tossed in Goan Cuisine Chilli and Lime Sambal), quail eggs (boiled & peeled)
  • Sliders: Brioche buns (for gluten free option use gluten free buns)
    1. Slow cooked Goan Cuisine Red beef brisket and ginger slaw (Chinese cabbage shredded, julienne of young ginger, green apple, red onion, fresh chilli and apple cider vinegar)
    2. Ham, cheddar, and Goan Cuisine Mango Chutney
    3. Corned beef, cocktail onions, cos lettuce and Tamarind Chutney
    4. Roast chicken shredded, sliced cucumber and tomato, Green Chilli Jam yoghurt (1 heaped tsp Green Chilli Jam folded through 1 cup yoghurt
  • Goan Green spiced Duck (duck marylands sealed in hot pan brushed w oil and slow cooked in Goan Green Curry) served with naan bread (or gluten free flat bread)
  • Grilled French trimmed lamb cutlets with Goan Cuisine Jackfruit and Lime Sambal
  • Pork ribs baked in Goan Cuisine Vindalho Masala served in a ramekin of boiled red rice


Assemble ingredients and arrange on food boards and platters