Goan Fishin


  • Spiced prawns (cooked prawns tossed in GC Pineapple Achar), pineapple chunks, green pepper
  • Yellow spiced seafood parcels (choice of mussels, prawns, squid, fish chunks marinated in Goan Cuisine Yellow Curry baked in grease proof paper parcels topped Goan Cuisine Cucumber Achar with tied w twine)
  • Tandoori prawns (deveined tail on prawns marinated and baked in Goan Cuisine Tandoori Marinade) served with spiced tomato yoghurt (1 heaped tablespoon Goan Cuisine Tomato Kasaundi folded through 1 cup yoghurt)
  • Mini pots of Green Masala mussels (simmer cleaned mussels in Goan Cuisine Green Curry until open, serve in ramekins garnished with a tablespoon of coconut milk, chopped green chilli and coriander and roasted coconut shreds)
  • Grilled scallops dotted with Goan Cuisine Green Chilli Jam served in a Chinese spoon of boiled basmati rice
  • Fish tacos: Grilled snapper, fresh corn, red peppers, black beans, spring onions, fresh coriander, sour cream and Chilli and Lime Sambal, gluten free taco shells
  • Garlic chilli salmon and noodle small bowls (baked salmon pieces brushed with blitzed Goan Cuisine Garlic Achar on a bed of rice noodles tossed with remaining achar topped with fresh red chilli and crushed roasted cashews)


Assemble ingredients on food boards and platters