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Goan Cuisine Taste of India

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  • Butter Chicken Masala 320g
  • Vindalho Masala 320g

Goan Cuisine has put two all-time favorites together to create the Taste of India pack. The Butter Chicken Masala and Vindalho Masala create the ultimate flavor sensation. The Vindalho Masala is a aromatic curry base and marinade of green cardamom and chilli. Warm and sweetly pungent cardamom with its lemony undertones dominates this spice array with a tantalising bite of chilli! The Butter Chicken Masala is an Indian all-time favourite, fragrant spices infused in rich tomato, spiked with the dark warmth of our very own blend of garam masala to bring you this aromatic delight with that essential velvet finish.