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Ultimate Goan Foodies

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The Ultimate Goan Foodies is a must have including the full range of Goan Cuisine including best sellers such as Mango Chutney, Tamarind Chutney and Chilli Lime Sambal.

Pack Includes:

- Lime Picke 320g

- Tandoori Marinade 320g

- Eggplant Capsicum Pickle 305g

- Goan Yellow Curry 320g

- Chilli Lime Sambal 360g

- Mango Lime Chutney 370g

- Tamarind Chutney 370g

- Eggplant Kasaundi 315g

- Mango Chutney 370g

- Green Chilli Jam 360g

- Goan Green Curry 320g

- Tomato Kasaundi 315g

- Butter Chicken Masala 320g

- Vindalho Masala 320g

- Goan Red Curry 320g

Australian Made & Owned

Gluten Free

Family Business